Olivia Wahl has led institutes for teachers nationwide. Institutes have focused on helping teachers establish structures and routines needed for successful launching and sustainability of reader’s and writer’s workshops.  She supports teachers with matching students to texts, conferring and using assessments to drive instruction and support responsive teaching.  Olivia advocates for planning immersion through various balanced literacy components and reconceptualizing the Gradual Release of Responsibility to enhance student voice and engagement.

Olivia holds a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction and has most recently been working on backwards planning and mapping out curricula. Her curriculum work involves considering the reading/writing demands of various genres and understanding how national standards align with the gradual release of responsibility and the balanced literacy approach.  Olivia creates project-based learning (PBL) transdisciplinary connections to support students in creating and presenting projects around essential questions as well as small group instruction support options for Tier I&II Interventions, English Language Learners' and/or expert writers' needs using Hess'  Cognitive Rigor Matrix, Bloom's Cognitive Process Dimensions, and Webb's depth of knowledge (DOK) levels *Webb, Norman L. and others. “Web Alignment Tool” 24 July 2005.  

She ensures curriculum is spiraled to maintain consistency across grade levels and aligns mentor texts with established curricula to support purpose and engagement.  Olivia works with educators, crafting concrete to more abstract series of lessons within units of study based on data analysis and planning for immersion work considering various components of balanced literacy to prepare students for independence in reading and writing workshop.

Olivia provides quality professional development that directly impacts best teaching practices while collaborating with principals, supporting their work in cultivating powerful learning communities.  Evidence supporting the work can be seen through lessons with students in lab site settings, examination of student work and planning for learning experiences. Her work with school districts across the country entails working with Superintendents, Principals, Literacy Coaches and Teachers to design and implement curricula focused on nurturing students within a balanced literacy framework.