curriculum map Consulting

•  Considering the reading/writing demands of various genres
•  Understanding how national standards align with the gradual release of responsibility and the balanced literacy approach
•  Spiraling curricula to maintain consistency across grade levels
•  Aligning mentor texts with established curricula to support purpose and engagement
•  Designing  year-long transdisciplinary curricula calendars
•  Crafting a concrete to more abstract series of lessons within a unit of study based on data analysis and planning for immersion work within various components of balanced literacy to prepare students for independence in reading and writing workshop
•  Create project-based learning (PBL) transdisciplinary connections to support students in creating and presenting projects based on essential questions.   PBL supports students with threading together their understandings from reading and writing workshop alongside social studies and scientific content, where discipline perspectives transcend each other to form new understandings and approaches.  
•  Projects can be assessed using a rubric that addresses 21st Century skills and knowledge that are classified into three broad domains. These domains cover five competencies:

1.  cognitive
      1)  critical thinking
      2)  creativity
2.  intrapersonal
      3)  character
3.  interpersonal
      4)  communication
      5)      collaboration

•  Projects support Common Core Literacy Capacities “Habits of Mind” (below) to deepen student understanding of the 21st Century Competencies.

•  demonstrate independence
•  build strong content knowledge
•  respond to the varying demands of audience, task, purpose and discipline
•  comprehend as well as critique
•  value evidence
•  use technology and digital media strategically and capably
•  come to understand other perspectives and cultures

•  Create small group instruction support options based on Tier I&II Interventions, English Language Learner and/or expert writer needs, based on Hess'  Cognitive Rigor Matrix, Bloom's Cognitive Process Dimensions, and Webb's depth of knowledge (DOK) levels *Webb, Norman L. and others. “Web Alignment Tool” 24 July 2005